3.3 Electromagnetic spectrum

Electromagnetic Spectrum Science Song by Mary Baumgartner Published on 11 Jan 2015

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EM Spectrum:

Find a missing name part of Electromagnetic Spectrum from the diagram below.


Electromagnetic Spectrum Song by Mr. Parr

Electromagnetic Spectrum Song by Emerson & Wong Yann
EM SPECTRUM - PHYSICS - ANDREW, SAM, JOHNO 0653 Combined Science Group Y10

Describe the main features of the electromagnetic spectrum in order of wavelength and state that all e.m. waves travel with the same high speed in vacuum
Properties of Electromagnetic Waves
The electromagnetic spectrum from nasa.gov

Describe typical properties and uses of radiations in all the different regions of the electromagnetic spectrum including:
– radio and television communications (radio waves)
– satellite television and telephones (microwaves)
– electrical appliances, remote controllers for televisions and intruder alarms (infrared)
– medicine and security (X-rays)
The electromagnetic spectrum from darvill.clara.net

Demonstrate an awareness of safety issues regarding the use of microwaves and X-rays
Electromagnetic fields and cancer from National Cancer Institute

State that the speed of electromagnetic waves in a vacuum is 3.0 × 108 m/s and is approximately the same in air.
• State that all e.m. waves travel with the same high speed in a vacuum
Speed of light: All EM waves travel at 300 million m/s in a vacuum

BBC James Clerk Maxwell

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